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Maw Active was established in Brisbane, Australia by a lover of health and fitness and desire to help others.  Since its launch in 2017, Maw Active has provided men with technical activewear, with a focus on functionality and versatility.

Maw Active comes from a need to provide men with quality, functional and affordable brand of activewear men can call their own. The gap in the market lead to us developing the brand, with a clear vision of providing activewear for men and inspiring them to live a healthy and happy life.

The Maw Active philosophy is to provide the quality of design, functionality to activewear and also with a desire to help and support men in their physical and mental health. We were extremely proud to announce that in 2018 we partnered with beyondblue to donate a certain amount from each sale to assist in mental health awareness.

Welcome to Maw Active and to the brotherhood we have created. 

Men's Premium Activewear & Fitness Apparel

Shop our latest range of dedicated men's premium activewear. It doesn't matter how busy your life gets at Maw we cater for a man's active lifestyle. Maw is perfect for the gym, running, boxing, triathlon, calisthenics or any activity that you enjoy. We research and source only premium fabrics to provide you with a high quality, versatile and uniquely designed high performance product. 

Our goal is to influence men to live a healthy and happy life, we are Maw than a brand, we are a community of brothers here to help each other. Shop today to join your brothers in your health and fitness pursuit. 


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